G.G. Allin for Altamont

Born Jesus Christ Allin, G.G. Allin has been cited as “the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history.”

Famously depicted in Todd Phillips’ documentary “Hated,” G.G. Allin’s controversial transgressions… Continue reading

Philadelphia with Mark Suciu

Filmed over a couple of trips to Philadelphia during the fall of 2012 and winter of 2013, Mark Suciu makes his official debut for adidas Skateboarding.

Official Website: http://www.adidas.com/skateboarding

Filmed… Continue reading

Skate Talk Live – Foundation “That’s Life”

If you didn’t get a chance to meet or hang out with Skatetalk Bob last weekend, then I feel sorry for you.  He’s like no one else I know and… Continue reading

Who Is Daewon Song?

Matix Clothing takes a glimpse into the history of Daewon Song , growing up in the South Bay, his early skate influences, and starting Matix Clothing with the Dunlap brothers… Continue reading

A Love Letter to Plywood

I’d guess most people most people who skate have no idea how their decks are made.  I don’t either, but I’m just saying we’re all in the same club.  Here’s… Continue reading

Storytime – John Cardiel

It doesn’t get much better than this… John Cardiel recounting firsthand one of the coolest stories in skateboard lore. Can anyone even get close to how rad this guy is?… Continue reading

Thank You, and Goodnight

WOW things really kicked up a notch this time in lovely Des Moines!
  Where to begin the thank you list…..lets start with our special
 guests who PAID their own ways… Continue reading

John Humphries: Rolling Through the Shadows

Mark Whiteley set up his second interview and profile with John Humphries on the Leica camera blog.  John is an awesome photographer, a skateboarder, a beard grower and motorcycle rider.… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching – Ricky Oyola EE3

Ricky Oyola EE3 “Let me tell you this part opened a whole new chapter in my life. We all know that Des Moines doesn’t have the best spots and this… Continue reading

Mike Hill For Vans Syndicate

Vans teamed up with Alien Workshop co-founder, Mike Hill, has teamed up with Vans Syndicate on two shoes. Click through to check out the shoes and hear Jason Dill’s thoughts… Continue reading

The Raybourn Identity

Sometimes when no one’s home I make a huge bowl of kettle corn and eat just that for lunch.  I started watching this part and about half way through I… Continue reading

People We’re Into – Kynan Tait

It’ takes a while to figure out if you like Ky.  Not because he’s a dick, but because he’s really quiet.

We used to do these rides called “The Wild… Continue reading

Lewis Marnell Tribute ONE LOVE

It really sucks when someone dies young. Remember kids, it better to be kind than wise.

Words and video by Jason Hernandez

We lost a skateboarder, a friend, and most… Continue reading

Desillusion Magazine- This is Dylan

I ran across this video on another site and all the description said was “here you go ladies”.  It’s true, all of our girlfriends/wives would turn into absolute blubbering idiots… Continue reading

On My Stereo – DJ Eight Ten

Skints – Part & Parcel

Check out the brand new album by talented young East London band The Skints.  Part & Parcel combines elements of Roots Reggae, Rocksteady, Dub, Dancehall… Continue reading

A long Time Coming

So welcome to the new site and a new side of Subsect.  We’ve had the intention of making a new site for the shop for about two years but could… Continue reading

Things Started Happening For Us

This will be our one big shebang of the year.  Fos from Altamont and Heroin Skateboards will be there along with Patrick O’dell of Epicly Later’d to have a photography… Continue reading

People We’re Into: Patrick O’dell

Two of the main creative forces behind Altamont are Fos and Patrick Odell.  Patrick’s point n shoot style photography was a major part of setting up the visual side of… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching

I think anyone who knows Kevin knows he’s a real skate nerd.  His house is like the national archive of skate history.  If a video comes out, even a little… Continue reading


What are you really doing when you’re bored, in line at the grocery store, or ignoring your girlfriend who’s trying to get you to watch The Bachelor? I’d probably say… Continue reading

#sorry for partying

A while back I think Atiba was getting some flack because his instagram was nothing but people raging what seemed like 7 days a week.  Eventually it gave birth to… Continue reading