Arctic Stag: Motorcycles to the Arctic Circle

Well, I hope this doesn’t upset anyone because it’s not directly related to Des Moines, but I’ve been reading the tale of some friends of ours who rode their Harleys… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching- Guest Dale Rinderman

“I have allllways loooved Fourstar videos, a team packed with legends who look to having fun more than anything else and now you got Ishod, Malto and Shane on it…word.… Continue reading

John Demaranville // Spitfire Formula- Fours test

I know this is four of five days old, which is a lifetime in the internet world, but we had to make sure this found a place on the site.… Continue reading

Gurus in the Ganges

Skateboarder Magazine is doing a three part series called “Gurus in the Ganges ″ featuring Sean Malto, Mark Suciu, Sebo Walker and Nestor Judkins traveling deep into India and… Continue reading

Christian Hosoi x Vans Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro

These puppies…

“The Vans Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro gets a bit of help from Christian Hosoi who in turn gives us an elegant sneaker that is more than meets the eye.… Continue reading

Busenitz ADV

Dennis Busenitz went to Third and Army to film a line to showcase some of the technical features of his new shoe from Adidas. If that first kickflip on flat… Continue reading

Arto Saari: The Skateboarder Turned Photographer

This just makes me mad.  Like you got to be a great skateboarder and now you are going to be nailing it at taking skate photos too.  Thanks asshole!  Just… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching – Holiday in LA

On days that I can’t find anything new on the web and I am looking for a little stoke, I go to one of my fav websites and watch… Continue reading

Red Red Lines – Raymond Molinar

I am a fan of skate videos, I think we all know this. As much as I love a nice well done, HD, big bangers video, I also love some… Continue reading

Stance Presents – SHAKE JUNT

I can’t say that I saw this coming, but socks are flying off the shelves. It wasn’t until I was given my first pair that I was a believer, but… Continue reading

Vans Syndicate – Golf Wang

These should be arriving sometime in the next week or so. I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you that they won’t last long.

“Tyler, the Creator and Vans… Continue reading

Jon Sciano: Coast to Coast

Every once in a while Drew sends me texts with links to stuff that stops him in his tracks.

“Holy Shit. Rad song, skates fast and every trick is a… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching – Heath – Rolling Thunder

Old HK in Rollong Thunder. I loved this part. I went from liking him to being a fan from this part. The front tail on the jacked flat bar at… Continue reading

Gripping a Board – Heroin Style

We all have little rituals that we do when hooking up a new board. For most kids that come in the shop, your ritual is to just have us do… Continue reading

Lurkville: Meet The Lurkers

This Saturday night from 7pm-10pm there will be a session at good ole Skate South. At 8pm we will be showing the Lurkville video and our very own Andy Mack… Continue reading


“As one traces the evolution of modern street skating from its earliest foundation to the unbelievable heights to which it has risen, Eric Koston has served as a constant innovator… Continue reading

Exposure: Kyle Camarillo

The first things that come to mind in this four minute clip on filmer and photographer Kyle Camarillo is a) I didn’t know anything about this guy until now, and… Continue reading

New Crailtap Site & Trunk Boyz Video

If you love sifting through one the best skate sites that’s also riddled with inside jokes, then you should probably stop by the new Crailtap site. I think it’s a… Continue reading

Brixton Summer Video

It’ll be hotter’n shit in no time people. Grab some friends, jump in the car and go explore. Skate a new spot, call Deer Hunter to go fishing, but just… Continue reading

Blind Video This Friday

“Ok, so yeah blind?  Who rides for them?  Oh yeah that cool looking kid that can’t get a board sponsor….Kevin Romar yeah that’s him.  Why are we going again?”

HUF Summer is almost here

Yes we carry HUF. Yes you already know that. Yes we’ll have more plant life “weed” socks. Yes if you browse the internet for hours looking at B.S.,  numbing your… Continue reading