Well by now you have heard the news that P Rod has started his on board company Primitive. If you’re stoked on that then be stoked on the fact that… Continue reading

SUPREME “Cherry” – by Skatetalk Bob

WARNING: YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FEEL COOL AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO. I’m sorry fellow nerds, we lost. The cool kids got us. Move over Baker “Wastioids” we have a new… Continue reading

CASTE x Magenta

“Part 01 of CASTE’s collaborative project focusing on the history, perspectives and approach surrounding the identity of France based, Magenta Skateboards. During travels to Paris, Bordeaux and San Francisco over… Continue reading

WKND Skateboards

Our good buddies over at WKND skateboards finally have a web site up. Check it out here:, and then wait for the boards to get in the shop.… Continue reading

Let Us Roam – Ray Barbee

“LET US ROAM is an ongoing short film series that shows stories about photographers, artists, filmmakers and musicians inside of the skateboarding culture. Ray Barbee, Arto Saari, Greg Hunt and… Continue reading

The Red Wave Challenge

Send x Help and Lakai present the Red Wave Challenge at Skate South this Wednesday.

Tricks for prizes and good times

Steve Nesser and crew are bringing down the Red… Continue reading

Lakai’s Echelon collection

We have a couple of styles of the new Echelon release from Lakai in the shop.  Hype beast sat down with skateboarder and design director Scott Johnston to talk about the… Continue reading

Glump Life

I recently re-watched Brian “Slash” Hansen’s free lunch interview. Which if you haven’t took the time to watch, you should go ahead and check it out. The reason I’m bringing this up… Continue reading


Well, it’s no secret that we’d elect Leo Romero for president if we could.  But since we can’t, we’ll just point you in the right direction for everything he does.… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching

Don’t know if you’ve been watching the Ed Tempelton Epicly Later’d episodes on Vice, but you should. It got me thinking about how kick ass Ed is and it reminded… Continue reading

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 by Craig Stecyk

This shoe drops on Saturday. Very limited. Thursday and Friday during store hours you can stop by and put in your name, number, and shoe size. We will then draw… Continue reading

Bobby Worrest: Hometown Turf Killer

It has become a norm now for dudes to drop online parts. Seems like once a week there’s a new one. I am not saying it is a bad thing,… Continue reading

The Ws: Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson pretty much gets a free pass in our books.  I mean, the guy had what some people feel is the best video part at the age of 35… Continue reading

Neil Blender X Vans Syndicate

We can’t say it any better than the people at Vans.  We’ll have these on the shelves this Saturday.

“If there is anything at all cool or interesting about skateboarding… Continue reading


When one of our sneaker guys comes in and buys shoes from 85$-120$ we don’t think much of it. We know they will take good care and they will last… Continue reading

Meeting… Jason Dill!

I truly believe that people like Jason Dill help keep the world of todays skateboarding in a balance. When I started skating it was filled with odd people. Now you… Continue reading

Cuatro Suenos Pequenos – Trailer NO.1

The title of Chris Nieratko’s article at Vice is called “THOMAS CAMPBELL MADE A SKATE VIDEO THAT’S ACTUALLY WORTH WATCHING”. While that’s a pretty wild exaggeration, it caught my eye… Continue reading

TERP – Fucking Awesome

I’ll give these guys one thing. They sure as hell know how to pull off a stealthy, desirable, intriguing, limited, etc etc etc rollout of a new brand. Oh, I… Continue reading

Traffic Talk – Lance Mountain

There are a few things I seem to repeat when I send Jeff a web update. Story telling and the fun side to skateboarding. This new segment on Thrasher hits… Continue reading

HUF X Wu Tang

Who knew? If you would’ve asked me to bet on HUF when they first started I would have never thought they’d become what they have. I guess I’m just a… Continue reading

Epicly Later’d – Ed Templeton

Sometimes I decide not to post something on here because I suspect it’s already been blown out. But sometimes something is so good I don’t give a shit. I didn’t… Continue reading