Huf Spring 14

Huf Spring delivery one just hit the shop and yes that means more of those socks you all love so much. But with those socks comes new tees, sweatshirts, hats,… Continue reading

Brixton Spring 14

Yes, we know it’s still cold as a witches tit out there, but gosh darn it, we’ve got spring to think about because all these damn California companies make cute… Continue reading

Jenkem – Pontus Alv Interview

So I was in New York a week or so ago when Dan(Rogers) was out here for an Asphalt Yacht Club event and I met Ian from Jenkem. All I… Continue reading


Well hey, haven’t been posting much, been running around being working men. But you know what we don’t post enough of? Music. I’m always down to hear someone else’s recommendation… Continue reading

Stance Spring 2014

Who would have guessed that we would all be clamoring to get our hands on a bunch of wild ass socks. Kevin told me a million years ago that we… Continue reading

The 10 Best Opening Lines

It’s no secret that I love skate videos.  I don’t have a lot, but I do have one kick ass skate video collection.  I’ll go from watching the most newest… Continue reading

Nike SB Dunk High “Red Packet”

This shoe will be here at the shop this Saturday during the sale. Will it be on sale? Hell no.

“The Nike SB Dunk High gets in the spirit of… Continue reading

Fire Sale this Sat – Sun

Kevin says we have to get this stuff out of here…now! This Saturday and Sunday we’ll be having a “fire sale” to move as much of the inventory out the… Continue reading

New Rider – Preston Weimer

Well let the smack talking begin, we finally added a new rider to the shop team. It’s never a easy thing to do. There are a ton of kids skating… Continue reading

Westgate B-Side

It’s pretty rare to stand out amongst a ton of great skaters. It’s even more rare to be across the board respected by your peers, especially in skateboarding. Everybody loves… Continue reading

John D Tests the New Vans Crockett Pro

We have a good relationship with Vans and our shop riders.  So it was a no brainer when John D got his shoes for the month, and one of them… Continue reading

The Creative Mind behind Polar Skate

One of the many things that I think sucked about my public school education is that they gave me no reason to think there were any ways to make a… Continue reading

Josh Kalis Interview : Jenkem

I know it’s been a while since we’ve shared something on the site, thanks for coming back to visit.  We we’re going a little bit nuts, but I’m back in… Continue reading


Thank god not every skate video looks the same. I like when companies think a little outside of the box. Have a watch of all four parts and take a… Continue reading

WELCOME in Khaliifernyuh

It’s cold out here so grab some bros and take a fun trip somehwere. Watch this video and get some tips on how to make it happen.
P.S we have… Continue reading

“Nike SB Chronicles 2” full video

It’s things like this that blow my mind. The Nike video is free on Thrasher’s site.

I mean, I guess it not really a huge surprise when you take into… Continue reading

Life Splicing No. 008: TOUROHIO

You know what’s boring? Most tour videos. You know what’s not boring? Alien Workshop tour videos. In a time where it’s pretty hard to keep people’s attention for more than… Continue reading


The Thrasher logo will never…NEVER get old. Talk about a staple, that font in that half curve will be owned forever by the magazine from San Francisco, but they are… Continue reading

What Scotty’s Watching

This was one of the first videos I watched when I first started skating. Always skipping to Geoff’s part. As you can see within the first two clips of his… Continue reading

Face Time — Brian Anderson

There’s just something about Brian Anderson that he can do no wrong.  After Pretty Sweet came out and we didn’t get the part we thought was coming from BA, I… Continue reading

Greg Hunt Interview

“Cinematographer Greg Hunt is the gold standard by which all modern skate filmmakers are measured. Everything Greg has done over the years from Transworld’s Sight Unseen to The DC Video… Continue reading