Grant Yansua: Cosmic Vomit 2

When I get a text from Drew to read some thing, I read it. No ifs ands or buts, especially if it’s written by Bob.

“Style. It’s what makes every… Continue reading

Henry Rollin’s KCRW Show with Ian Mackaye

Both of these guys have obviously cemented their names into our music hall of fame, but it’s great every once in a while to hear what they have to say… Continue reading

Cat Power – Manhattan

I would have to say that it’s a close tie between a couple filmmakers in skating that are my favorite, Greg Hunt being one of them. Mine Field, the DC… Continue reading

Deathwish Video

Why is the Deathwish video going to kill it? Because you can’t decide who’s part you are most excited to see, I have tried.  Did you see the sequence of… Continue reading

Skatetalk! Subsect Skateshop

As always, Subsect was proud to show some out-of-towners a great time.  Bob had a blast and says he’s definitely coming back in August for the Emerica Premier.

“ is… Continue reading

Here’s The Thing: Thom Yorke

I never could really get into Radiohead until the In Rainbows album.  People would tell me how much they ruled and how I was blowing it, but it was a… Continue reading


How rad is it that Patrick has gallery shows in big cities and he took the time to send a ton of photos to us to have a show of… Continue reading

Heath: The Chrome Ball Incident

For those of you who don’t like to read and just want to look at pretty pictures, there’s The Chrome Ball Incident. Every once in  while they throw together a… Continue reading

Escape From SOTY Island

Listen I was one of the guys who thought Guy Mariano should have been skater of the year.  I’m a old guy and have special place in my heart for… Continue reading

Ryan Allen:The Photographer Series

I seriously cannot get enough of these videos about skate photographers.  You don’t realize it until you hear the tales, but when you look at magazines and old classic pictures,… Continue reading

People We’re Into: John Mihovetz

I was flipping through the blog on Brixton’s site and low and behold, there’s our boy John. We met John about 5 years ago because he’s a friend of Leo… Continue reading

Double Rock: Dennis Busenitz

The two things that are the worst about Dennis Busenitz is that he has no board control and he always skates super slow. AAAnnnd, who likes Brian Jonestown Massacre anyway?… Continue reading

Emerica – The Reynolds 3.31.13

All week I keep getting sucked down the youtube hole of watching older skate videos, and one of the easiest holes to go down is the B sides of Emerica’s… Continue reading

Polar Skate Co.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Kevin likes skate videos.  He sent me a link to this one and I think I know why he’s into it, they… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching – Mike Anderson

Mike Aderson welcome to Krooked part:
“Big fan. Always skates fast and puts together good lines. Always looks like he is having fun and starts his part with a slam… Continue reading

Nike SB Eric Koston 2

An all star cast of Tiger Woods, Kyrie Irving, Neymar Jr., Allyson Felix, Danny Kass, Sean Malto, Wieger Van Wageningen, Ishod Wair, Alex Olson, Neckface, Giovanni Reda, Jake Phelps, and… Continue reading

Elijah Berle – Vans Pro Pack

Somehow the classic Vans just never get old.  Slap on a pair of these and some khaki pants and you might as well be running around in South Central LA… Continue reading

Made in Emerica

I’m not saying that there is a possibility that Emerica will pick Des Moines as one of the few cities it premiers it’s next “Made in Emerica” video in.  I’m… Continue reading

The Photographer Series-Joe Brook

I remember meeting Joe a long time ago and remember being very aware that he had a child like enthusiasm for photo. These videos from The Photographer Series are a… Continue reading

Marc Johnson – Lost and Lakai’d

Marc Johnson was absolutely ripping in the late 90’s.  How in the hell is this guy still this good?  His part in Pretty Sweet was amazing, but as per usual,… Continue reading

We’re Really Doing It #3

I think that most people already know about the Grand Canyon Rafting trip.  If you don’t, then check it out here:  Jeff, Heath, Ben Gilley, and their friend… Continue reading