Brixton x Hard Luck

We just got in the Brixton x Hard Luck friendly union pack and it is fantastic. The jacket and flannel is some of their best shit yet. They had us… Continue reading

Kyle Walker wear test.

Well if you have been paying attention then you would have seen that Kyle Walker got himself a pro shoe on Vans. This is something that doesn’t just happen all… Continue reading

Subsect and Real back together again!

Well this will make the 5th run of boards we have done with one of our favorite companies Real skateboards and really not just Real, but everything DLX distribution does.… Continue reading

Pass-Port, why not ?

There will always be the guy looking for that different brand. The thing that will separate him from the next guy. Even if all the core guys are backing one… Continue reading

Your Popsicle shape is boring.

Who’s to say a skateboard is suppose to be a certain shop? Why does it have to be the classic popsicle shape that over the last 15 years plus we… Continue reading

Supra presents the Shredder

Almost over a month ago Supra sent us a box of the new Lizard King shoe the Shredder for the boys to try out. They put in some work and… Continue reading


Well the wait is over. Well actually the wait is still a little longer because the boards are not here yet, but they are on there way here. The new… Continue reading

The Vans Video ” Propeller “

Well we hope you have already seen the trailer for the new and first full length video for Vans yesterday, but besides for the trailer being awesome I wanted you… Continue reading

Escape from New York.

When looking for something to use to update the site this morning I came across this video that the Theories of Atlantis dudes posted. It’s them skating around Florida to… Continue reading

Stone Broing trailer by Kyle Jordan

Well the dudes have been working on their next project and by the looks of it have been working hard. Kyle put up his trailer the other night and we… Continue reading