The Ws: Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson pretty much gets a free pass in our books.  I mean, the guy had what some people feel is the best video part at the age of… Continue reading

Traffic Talk – Lance Mountain

There are a few things I seem to repeat when I send Jeff a web update. Story telling and the fun side to skateboarding. This new segment on Thrasher hits… Continue reading

Jenkem – Pontus Alv Interview

So I was in New York a week or so ago when Dan(Rogers) was out here for an Asphalt Yacht Club event and I met Ian from Jenkem. All I… Continue reading

The Creative Mind behind Polar Skate

One of the many things that I think sucked about my public school education is that they gave me no reason to think there were any ways to make a… Continue reading

Josh Kalis Interview : Jenkem

I know it’s been a while since we’ve shared something on the site, thanks for coming back to visit.  We we’re going a little bit nuts, but I’m back… Continue reading

Face Time — Brian Anderson

There’s just something about Brian Anderson that he can do no wrong.  After Pretty Sweet came out and we didn’t get the part we thought was coming from BA,… Continue reading

Rolling Through The Shadows : Joe Brook

Another installment of Leica’s focus on skate photographers is over at their site here: The Leica Camera Blog.  I love these things.

“A girl I was dating told… Continue reading

Field Notes – Mike Kershnar

Between Dan, myself (Jeff), and Heath, we’ve known Mike for a really long time.  I personally don’t see him very often, but once every several years we cross paths… Continue reading

People We’re Into: Leo Romero Interview Pt 2

In an old Marc Johnson interview he spoke of some days waking up and being able to do tricks, any trick, everytime. Now for 99% of skateboarders, myself included, have… Continue reading

On The Crail Couch : Jeff Grosso

You want to see something awesome?  Of course you do.  Well I found it and I don’t care if it’s another Jeff Grosso thing.  It … Continue reading