The Creative Mind behind Polar Skate

One of the many things that I think sucked about my public school education is that they gave me no reason to think there were any ways to make a living as an artist.  I’m a photographer now, but I had no idea that was even possible until I was almost 30.  I think this is what happens to a lot of young people.  We’re told that you need to go to college and be either A B or C, but they never mention D.  The D path is a real way to take your artistic interests and find a real business to that needs you.  Sometimes that means starting your own company, and sometimes it means working for someone else.  I wish more people told us this before we were all burned out and jaded.

Hey, some people need to have old school jobs like laying tile, or running electricity.  It’s perfect for them.  But for Stefan Narancic, the only thing he liked doing other than skating was drawing, and now he’s got a great outlet in a great small brand called Polar.  Check out the interview at Desillsion here.