Jenkem Mag: ALEX OLSON

First, read this:

Skateboarding is going through a change right now.  It is a quiet, slow moving change, but it is happening.  Working in a shop and… Continue reading

People We’re Into: The Alex Brown Interview

Des Moines is not known for being a mecca of progressive people to say the least. And I don’t mean that to take a condescending tone of any kind. The… Continue reading

Jeff Wright: The interview PWI

Before you enter this interview zone know that it does not follow the typical receipe of success for web snipets. You know, very limited info, not more than three sentences… Continue reading

People We’re Into – Kynan Tait

It’ takes a while to figure out if you like Ky.  Not because he’s a dick, but because he’s really quiet.

We used to do these rides called “The… Continue reading