My Weekend – Kevin Jones

Jeff asked me to write something about this past weekend and I have typed about 10 different things and then deleted them all.  They were all on the same thing.… Continue reading

Field Notes – Mike Kershnar

Between Dan, myself (Jeff), and Heath, we’ve known Mike for a really long time.  I personally don’t see him very often, but once every several years we cross paths and… Continue reading

People We’re Into: Leo Romero Interview Pt 2

In an old Marc Johnson interview he spoke of some days waking up and being able to do tricks, any trick, everytime. Now for 99% of skateboarders, myself included, have… Continue reading

On The Crail Couch : Jeff Grosso

You want to see something awesome?  Of course you do.  Well I found it and I don’t care if it’s another Jeff Grosso thing.  It makes me laugh.  Watch it and you… Continue reading

“Made” Afterparty Sept 07

Attention all shoppers. As you can probably tell by now, we are putting all of our weight into a big weekend starting september 7th. A huge sale, a premier of… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching: Greg Hunt

I’ve been on a big kick of watching old videos and I seem to be watching old Stereo videos a lot. Old Ethan Fowler ripped and Greg Hunt had such… Continue reading

Paper Trail

Just a weird little video of someone being creative. Joe Pease drew roughly 800 pictures and photographed them to make this short animation. It’s A-OK by me, and they even… Continue reading

Altamont Fall Lookbook

“Altamont is proud to release our Fall 2013 Collection, Bedouin Burnouts. From the deserts of the middle east we have taken inspiration from the sands, patterns and nomadic visions of… Continue reading

Girl 20 Year Anniversary

Well Girl skateboards made it to 20, and that’s something to be pretty stoked on.  Of course I can say that I was a skateboarder when Girl got started, but… Continue reading

Spitfire Formula Four’s Are Here

Spitfire’s are hands down the best selling wheel in our store. Now, with some more attention to detail they’ve made them even better and they are in the shop as… Continue reading

Leo Romero: People We’re Into…Duh

This is not an interview!  It’s more of two bros talking shit in a car with thirty minutes to kill on the road.  I thought I’d take advantage and corner… Continue reading

Jenkem Mag: ALEX OLSON

First, read this:

Skateboarding is going through a change right now.  It is a quiet, slow moving change, but it is happening.  Working in a shop and ordering stuff… Continue reading

Emerica Premier Sept 7th

Three weeks until the new Emerica video premiers in Des Moines…three weeks. On September 7th you’ll get to see the new video a week before everyone else, in a real… Continue reading

A Few Words About the Zero Demo

I have a love/hate thing going for demos.  I start to stress out a week before the date of the event.  I get worried that no one will show or… Continue reading

Waylon Jennings x Altamont

Slash once said to me and Dan Rogers that “if someone didn’t like Waylon Jennings, either they’d never listened to him or they were fucked up” – Kevin

From the… Continue reading

Stance Threads: Mark Oblow

We got the socks: “Threads Ep.02 features the newest Stance Punk & Poet, Mark Oblow and the sock he conceived and designed for our Fall 2013 line, the Oblanna. Moblow’s… Continue reading

Nike SB Project BA Premium

I went to a site that’s featuring these new Nike “Brain Anderson’s” we have and saw this review…on point:

“Been skating the BA’s for a solid three weeks now (yes… Continue reading

Larry Perkins Got an Agenda

Maybe we just think this is funny because we know Mike Sinclair. Or maybe it’s funny without even knowing the backstory. But with a history of prank calls to magazines,… Continue reading

Zero Cold War Summer Tour

Saturday August 10th at 6pm some Zero and Mystery riders will be in the shop signing stuff and then will head out to Skate South. Signing is at 6pm-Subsect. Doors… Continue reading

Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most of you have seen this video. If you haven’t, you will be laughing in about 2 minutes.… Continue reading

Brixton Fall Video Lookbook

It surprises me that more companies don’t make these short videos to show their seasonal stuff. I always watch them, wish I was skating or surfing, and most of all,… Continue reading