What Kev’s Watching: Jake Donnelly

It was a little over a year ago when Real started dropping these pushing parts from their riders, but this one was my favorite one. You don’t expect a whole… Continue reading

Drew Paul’s Brixton Video Breakdown

Take a couple of minutes out of your day and tune into the Brixton boys as they throw down some text book ripping on parks, ditches, and street spots. I… Continue reading

New Script Logo Hoodies

Well, we’ve been sitting on a new Subsect logo for quite a while now and it’s finally made it’s way to a super soft, light weight grey hooded sweatshirt. If… Continue reading


These bad boys should be in the store sometime this week.

“DEFCON members stay under the radar and invest energies into the visual construction of their heartfelt passions. On October… Continue reading

Girl Skateboards X Skate Warehouse

Ahh the good ol’ days of the Mouse era where you could find some stuff peppered in with all the skating to break it up. A laugh here and there… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching : Frank Gerwer and Andrew Allen

As the guys have been wrapping up the Iowonders video I have been trying to give them some pump up speeches and I can’t just keep calling them pussies so… Continue reading

HUF in New York

If this clip doesn’t make you want to grab a group of 6 or 7 people, rent an apartment in Brooklyn for a week, shred all day all over the… Continue reading


Not to long ago I told you how stoked I was that there seemed to be enough kids asking me about some of these smaller companies and how stoked I… Continue reading

Brixton’s Brad Cromer

A rad little short from Brixton welcoming Brad to the team. It’s no secret that Subsect has a soft spot for Deluxe and Krooked in particular too. A good song… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching: Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen – This was my first time hearing of this guy and it’s on a 411 video.  Do kids even know what 411 was?  Anyways, it’s pretty clear that I… Continue reading

Jenkem Mag: How to…

“Going to your local skateshop for the first time is almost like losing your virginity, it’s pretty awkward and you don’t really know what you are doing. The guy behind… Continue reading

10 Reasons to Buy MADE

My top 10 reasons you should buy the new Emerica video “MADE”
1] Jeremy Leabres has the best part.
2] Leo Romero has the best part.
3] Collin Provost has… Continue reading

My Weekend – Kevin Jones

Jeff asked me to write something about this past weekend and I have typed about 10 different things and then deleted them all.  They were all on the same thing.… Continue reading

Field Notes – Mike Kershnar

Between Dan, myself (Jeff), and Heath, we’ve known Mike for a really long time.  I personally don’t see him very often, but once every several years we cross paths and… Continue reading

People We’re Into: Leo Romero Interview Pt 2

In an old Marc Johnson interview he spoke of some days waking up and being able to do tricks, any trick, everytime. Now for 99% of skateboarders, myself included, have… Continue reading

On The Crail Couch : Jeff Grosso

You want to see something awesome?  Of course you do.  Well I found it and I don’t care if it’s another Jeff Grosso thing.  It makes me laugh.  Watch it and you… Continue reading

“Made” Afterparty Sept 07

Attention all shoppers. As you can probably tell by now, we are putting all of our weight into a big weekend starting september 7th. A huge sale, a premier of… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching: Greg Hunt

I’ve been on a big kick of watching old videos and I seem to be watching old Stereo videos a lot. Old Ethan Fowler ripped and Greg Hunt had such… Continue reading

Paper Trail

Just a weird little video of someone being creative. Joe Pease drew roughly 800 pictures and photographed them to make this short animation. It’s A-OK by me, and they even… Continue reading

Altamont Fall Lookbook

“Altamont is proud to release our Fall 2013 Collection, Bedouin Burnouts. From the deserts of the middle east we have taken inspiration from the sands, patterns and nomadic visions of… Continue reading

Girl 20 Year Anniversary

Well Girl skateboards made it to 20, and that’s something to be pretty stoked on.  Of course I can say that I was a skateboarder when Girl got started, but… Continue reading