Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding – Trends

Grosso is great. Hope everyone has been watching all of these. If not you should. This one made me laugh. -Kevin

Side note: Have we mentioned the premier on the… Continue reading


Riley Hawk should be the poster child of the new breed of skateboarding. And from what I read, people are calling them ATV’s. The acronym stands for All Terrain Vehicle.… Continue reading

Welcome Skateboards

Welcoming Welcome!  Working in a skate shop I find my self looking for skate stuff on the internet a lot, and not just your normal stuff.  I like to dig… Continue reading

The Reynolds Low

Andrew Reynolds puts the low version of his shoe to the test with a big frontside flip and talks about its features in these videos from Emerica. Remember people, these… Continue reading

Seinfeld on Skateboarding

There’s something about older comedians that make me think that they are the smartest people in the world.  They have thought every thought possible, and worked everyone of those thoughts… Continue reading

Real/Subsect Collab Decks

The shop got a bunch of new Real/Subsect collab decks in, so I put a throwaway edit together for the release of them. Stop in and get one!! They’ve got… Continue reading

Jenkem Mag: Marc Johnson

We get random calls from people wanting us to spend money on advertising and my answer is always “no thanks”. The reason behind it, when people seek us out it… Continue reading

15 Years of Gonz // Full Edit

What can we say? You’ve probably already seen this, but if you haven’t, sit down and enjoy yourself for a whole 11 1/2 minutes. C’mon, you deserve it. Some special… Continue reading

AVE and Dill

I’m watching this one because there is a hype starting to build up on Dill and AVE’s new company. I too am getting stoked for it to hit the shop… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching: Leo Romero – First Love

I like Leo parts because I can’t skate a handrail, and if I want to watch someone who looks at home on a handrail, you go with Leo. Don’t think… Continue reading

The Quiet Life: Cleon Peterson

This friday we’ll be releasing a special collection of clothing from The Quiet Life that is a collaboration with artist Cleon Peterson. Cleon’s paintings are these violent chaotic scenes and… Continue reading

Ray Barbee “Things Take Time”

Ray is the man, a classic human being. No one does a no comply and not think of Ray Barbee. I watch stuff like this and it makes me want… Continue reading

James Hardy’s Homecoming

Well, he’s big, he rips, gotta a pretty cool southern sounding song, and I guarantee you haven’t seen most of these spots. Rugged ass Alabama spots. Annnnd he came out… Continue reading

People We’re Into: The Alex Brown Interview

Des Moines is not known for being a mecca of progressive people to say the least. And I don’t mean that to take a condescending tone of any kind. The… Continue reading

Chima Ferguson Pro Commercial

Yes Australians talk weird. Yes they say beeyah instead of beer, yes they eat vegemite which is disgusting, but holy mackerel the backside flip in this promo is crazy. We’ll… Continue reading

Team Average 2.0

Monster Children magazine do these trips where they take surfers and skateboarders together on the road. Kind of rad watching everyone rip, but kinda cool watching the skaters surf and… Continue reading

Nike SB Stefan Janoski “4th of July”

Check it, we’ve got ’em in the store as we speak.  Just in time for your 4th of July “outfit”.

“To celebrate Independence Day, this upcoming release from Nike SB sees the Nike… Continue reading

Arctic Stag: Motorcycles to the Arctic Circle

Well, I hope this doesn’t upset anyone because it’s not directly related to Des Moines, but I’ve been reading the tale of some friends of ours who rode their Harleys… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching- Guest Dale Rinderman

“I have allllways loooved Fourstar videos, a team packed with legends who look to having fun more than anything else and now you got Ishod, Malto and Shane on it…word.… Continue reading

John Demaranville // Spitfire Formula- Fours test

I know this is four of five days old, which is a lifetime in the internet world, but we had to make sure this found a place on the site.… Continue reading

Gurus in the Ganges

Skateboarder Magazine is doing a three part series called “Gurus in the Ganges ″ featuring Sean Malto, Mark Suciu, Sebo Walker and Nestor Judkins traveling deep into India and… Continue reading