Kyle Jordan – Iowonders Trailer

Well, good things come to those that are patient enough to wait, and the wait isn’t over, but we at least get a peek. I think it’s no secret that… Continue reading

First Look – Thrasher JJ & MA

Here’s two things that are great in life wrapped up together in a nice little package, the excitement of a new Thrasher, and listening to the one and only Jason… Continue reading

A New Day

After a weird couple of days following a poorly executed joke, I think this song is appropriate. We’re moving on folks. We’re going skating and hanging with friends, because today… Continue reading

What Kev’s Watching: Dan Drehobl

Dan Drehobl Free your mind part:

What can I say, I am a fan of the blue collar dude. Good song pick, a smoke hanging in his mouth doing blunt… Continue reading

Lacey Baker – Why Girls Should Skate

You thought we didn’t like girl skaters? Oh come on now. You didn’t really think we were that big of assholes did you? Let me explain something really simply, Amanda… Continue reading

Creature “CSFU”

1st off, if you don’t have this video yet, you’re blowing it. It comes free with the Thrasher mag. So for 4.99$ you get a copy of skateboarding’s bible and… Continue reading

Brixton Summer Lookbook

Brixton catalogs have pants, hats, shirts, jackets, wallets, and all kinds of other shit. Better yet though, they make you want to skate, play music, fish, cruise with your friends,… Continue reading

Jeff Wright: The interview PWI

Before you enter this interview zone know that it does not follow the typical receipe of success for web snipets. You know, very limited info, not more than three sentences… Continue reading

Steve Olson

Steve. Fucking aplomb on caffeine.
An infectious personality. Larger than life, larger than skateboarding.
Steve doesn’t kill time.
Steve doesn’t keep time.
Steve does what Steve wants on « Steve… Continue reading

Drew’s Sunday Pick

I was getting ready to leave the house and skate and I wanted to watch a few minutes of something to get me pumped, but couldn’t settle on one. Then,… Continue reading

Mike Hill x Vans Syndicate Exhibition

I think it’s safe to say that Alien is all on it’s own in skating…in a good way. I mean, physically they are located away from the rest of the… Continue reading

People We’re Into : Jeff Wright

I know this guy….he builds amazing bikes and that is an understatement.  He’s from Des Moines and he’s one of my favorite people.  The problem is he and his fat… Continue reading

420- A Big Drop

As most years, there is some special merchandise coming in hot and being released on 4/20, this saturday.  Emerica, Huf, and Nike are all sending us the goods.  Two new… Continue reading

Deathwish Premier This Friday

FINALLY the DEATHWISH video is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure most of you know that it premiered a couple weeks in LA and those who went were blown away. Someone even told… Continue reading

Cut From A Different Cloth: Randy Randall

A rad little piece that Altamont did on Randy Randall of No Age. I think a lot of people probably flirt with the idea of making their hobby their job,… Continue reading

Jason Dill x Vans Syndicate “S” Derby

Stay classy in this truly modern classic. The Derby is a Syndicate exclusive style that integrates DRi-LEX® moisture wicking and temperature management lining with a DURACAP™ -reinforced upper and… Continue reading

Grant Yansua: Cosmic Vomit 2

When I get a text from Drew to read some thing, I read it. No ifs ands or buts, especially if it’s written by Bob.

“Style. It’s what makes every… Continue reading

Henry Rollin’s KCRW Show with Ian Mackaye

Both of these guys have obviously cemented their names into our music hall of fame, but it’s great every once in a while to hear what they have to say… Continue reading

Cat Power – Manhattan

I would have to say that it’s a close tie between a couple filmmakers in skating that are my favorite, Greg Hunt being one of them. Mine Field, the DC… Continue reading

Deathwish Video

Why is the Deathwish video going to kill it? Because you can’t decide who’s part you are most excited to see, I have tried.  Did you see the sequence of… Continue reading

Skatetalk! Subsect Skateshop

As always, Subsect was proud to show some out-of-towners a great time.  Bob had a blast and says he’s definitely coming back in August for the Emerica Premier.

“ is… Continue reading