What you need to know about last week.

Well another week went buy and once again the web gave us plenty. We are just gonna highlight a few.

1- Spitfire showed us how classic that flame head is in a rad little video. You just can’t go wrong with a Spitfire t-shirt.

2- Wes Kremer gave us a HOLY SHIT part on Thrasher. Watch it here over and over

3- Well the CPH contest having been going off. Thrasher posted this footage of some of the dudes skating a crazy bowl. The speed and air these guys get are on real. WATCH

4- Glad to see that Vans is keeping up with these Bust Crew episodes. Here is number two

5- Now this part dropped on Labor Day, but I am still calling it last weeks news. David Clark is now for Doomsayers. Wish we could get more David Clark footage, but we will stay stoked on what we can get.