Last week in skateboarding.

Well last week was a short one. September is here and cooler weather has joined it. I love me some fall, but it never really seems to last too png before winter starts. So a lot of things dropped on the web last week. Some are good and some where a waste of time. So we will focus on the good.

1- Thrasher kicked off the King of the Road. Looks like there is only 3 teams this year. The returning champs Birdhouse and Flip and Element. Check the profiles HERE

2-Bret Wooton changed his name and dropped a part for it? O.K whatever, but the part is good and he chooses to do cool tricks. Fully backing him even if I don’t know his name know.

3- Not a week goes by that a older Krooked video plays at the shop and every time it makes me wonder what could have been for Van Westell. To this day he stays in my top 10 of my favs. Well his brother mad a tribute video for Van and part one is up. Watch it and be on the look out for part two.

4-Na-Kel Smith got put on Adidas and they are randomly drop footage of tricks. Watch here and keep your eye out for more.

5- The A-Street bros dropped Alex Schmidt part online. Trust me when I tell you to spend the 10$ on the video. It is wonderful. Buy it here