Jenkem Mag: ALEX OLSON

First, read this:

Skateboarding is going through a change right now.  It is a quiet, slow moving change, but it is happening.  Working in a shop and ordering stuff I have to keep a close eye on what is going on and I am a skate nerd.  I can tell you that a year ago we couldn’t bring in brands like Welcome, Isle, Polar, and a few other small brands.  I could be real stoked on them, but for the most part it wouldn’t really sell.  Now a big chunk of skateboarders are looking for something new, something different, and something that seems to be ours.  I think Alex brings up some really good things in this interview.  There is a ton of just copying what someone else did, If it’s not broke don’t fix it.  Skateboarding and street wear are one in the same, I am o.k with it.  I like when someone off the street comes in and doesn’t skate, but totally digs the stuff.  I started skating when it wasn’t that cool, so to be 35 year old skateboarder and work in a skate shop and people think it’s cool, I will take it.  Anybody remember the word “Poser”? I do.  I don’t think it gets used anymore and that is cool with me, but I think as skateboarders we are always looking for that thing that is ours. That’s how we[Subsect] stay in business.We have enough people looking for things that they can only find in a real skate shop.  So back to my first point about you guys asking about those smaller brands.  At some point you started to look a little deeper into skating and finding new stuff.  I think I am just rambling and not getting anywhere about what Alex had to say.  I can tell you that I still love everything that Girl skateboards does in skateboarding with all their brands.They even started doing runs of boards that are for skate shops only.  I wish the best of luck to Alex Olson.  We will carry his brand when it comes out and we will also have Brian Anderson’s brand 3D in the shop as well.  I love to support skater owned and ran companies.

P.S The party we will be having on September 7 for the Emerica video will be one of our best yet.

photo: joshua sinn