Leo Romero: People We’re Into…Duh

This is not an interview!  It’s more of two bros talking shit in a car with thirty minutes to kill on the road.  I thought I’d take advantage and corner this wild-eyed mexican skate phenom when I had the chance and get some laughs out of him.  Hope you enjoy it, the next one with this sarcastic bastard will be deep, real deep.  See you in two weeks.


DR: So….what was sooooo damn fun about Beverly High the other day? (laughter…my sarcasm is immeasurable)

LR: Oh just trying a fun line again.  You think that’s funny, you should see HK try a line.

DR: I’ve seen it (laughter)…hell I’ve seen a line take over 6 months to get.  Great times this skateboarding! (lots of laughter)

LR: I hate being in those shoes.

DR: How’d that even happen?  When did you start putting on the “dance of madness” shoes?

LR: I’ve never once cared about a line or a trick ever.

DR: That’s what I mean. I was very surprised and shocked that you were putting yourself through all of this.

LR: I think this is the one time that I really wanted to go back and get it real bad.

DR: Not to poke fun at you when you’re down or anything, but the whole skateboard deal comes REAL natural for you.  I mean, I can garauntee to the readers that you’ve NEVER ONCE had to work for it, you just DO stuff it’s pretty insane.  So now for once in your life you have to try…how does that feel?

LR: It totally sucks. (lots of laughter)

DR: Well lets stop talking about this in case you don’t make it for the video not to be negative or anything.  You’ll make it eventually.  Even if it’s not for this video, like Heath did for Sight Unseen.

LR: What trick did he not get that’s my favorite part!

DR: I know it is.  He didn’t get the backtail kickflip out on the o.c. rail that ended up being in This is Skateboarding.  I think he even made it right after Sight Unseen came out!  A true Shakesperian tragic comedy.

LR: Of course that’s the one that got him!  Damn that would’ve been ender ender for sure.

DR: Haven’t you gotten served up though on stuff before?

LR: Oh totally!  But I’ve never really cared or had to go back or anything crazy like that.

DR: What about the Northridge gap out rail?  Didn’t you get morphine dripped on the front feeble once?

LR: Not even, that was just fun.  You’re thinking of the time I went there and was gonna try to kickflip grind it and was warming up grinding and somehow primoed that shit and got SMOKED. (laughter)  I was warming up doing gap lip, gap front board, then…

DR: Oh you mean “basics?”

LR: Yeah…

DR: Fuck you talent. (lots of laughter)

LR: Anyway, I got smoked and didn’t go back for that shit.

DR: Why didn’t that slam make it in the video?

LR: Who knows. I just remember watching it and laughing so hard as I went “splat” off of the rail going really fast.

DR: You needed the ol’ dustpan to get swept up from that one.  What’s it like being an old veteran now?  When did you realize you’re not a kid anymore?

LR: On a trip recently I was in the van, looked around and went “Fuck I’m the oldest guy in here!  This totally sucks!”  I’m the oldest guy in the video! (lots of laughter)

DR: How horrible does that make you want to try less or try harder to prove a point?

LR: I’m not really affected by it.  I don’t think about it too much really.  Maybe because I don’t act old yet.  Plus I’m not even that much older YET, I’m just the oldest guy in the van right now.

DR: How old are you now?

LR: I’m turning 27.

DR: Do you know what Heath told me when I told him I was turning 26?

LR: (laughter) I’m sure it was a gem.

DR: He burst out in this evil cackle and declared me to be too old for skateboarding and that they shouldn’t put my age in the interview because people would be bummed.  But now all the pros last till they’re 33.

LR: Yeah right, hardly any do.

DR: Bullshit I can name 6 maybe ten off the top of my head right now.

LR: No way then lets hear it!

DR: Drew,

LR: Wait Andrew is different it’s fucking Andrew Reynolds!

DR: He’s pro isn’t he?  Well then that counts.  Andrew, Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll…..

LR: I wouldn’t say Mike Carroll as much as Andrew or Marc Johnson though.

DR: Does he have his name on a board?  Was his footage some of the best in Pretty Sweet?  So eat shit young MC counts.  Who else…..hmmmm ok, Koston, Ellington, Grecs, Jamie Thoooommmmaaaasss, Busenitz, Jason Dill, Ave, that’s ten right there who are all on good companies.  So now that you’re turning 27 you’ve got about 4 good summers left you better enjoy them! (lots of laughter)

LR: Fuck my life is almost over!

DR: What did you think of Grecs’ part?

LR: I loved the whole video but Jim’s part was really rad.

DR: I’ve always said if you have the eye of the tiger than you can stay in skateboarding.  But the minute you don’t and try to fake it, it’s usually over.

LR: Yeah you could tell Jim and Erik were totally working their asses off and kind of reinventing themselves.

DR: That’s what I mean, people can see right through that fake milking it shit.  And as an aging pro I hope people realize that you DON’T have to do the best thing you’ve ever done, or constantly one up yourself anymore.  The styles of the dudes on that list I just brought up are all time.  As a matter of fact I thought Marc and young MC’s parts were the BEST in Pretty Sweet, as in making you want to go skate after you watch a part vs. just straight respect progression part like Cory Kennedy who is also fucking awesome…..no pun intended.

LR: Andrew doesn’t have to frontside flip el toro.

DR: EXACTLY!  As long as you’re trying hard people will always want to see more of their heroes.  Do you consider yourself someone who HAS to jump down rails?  Or are you to the point to where you can just skate down the street and get paid?

LR: Oh my god I’m so not that guy…the one who can just look amazing on a skateboard and not have to get hurt.

DR: Are you jealous of those guys? (laughter)

LR: No I’m really not.  I am who I am and I just kind of do it you know?

DR: It used to bug Heath a bit….maybe not bug him about the other guys, but just about himself.  Here he would be trying not to throw up before skating a rail where someone else may have serious longevity in their career without risking getting a hang nail.  I’m always curious to what true work horses think about that.

LR: I don’t really care truly, but I could see how it would drive people crazy.  I mean when I was younger I was waaaayyyy less tolerable of that shit.  I actually later resented Spanky for it.

DR: Your just gonna throw his name out there huh?  Careful what you say your next words may be your last, I love Spanky.  And lets not forget when all of you guys were kids he won Tampa Am first, had the raddest style, AND was charismatic as hell!  He really is one of the greatest guys ever.

LR: NO, he was the BEST!  But when he stopped trying you could see it and I just thought it sucked.  I guess it bothered me because I did respect him and one time he tried to fault me for something and I have a hard time letting things go.

DR: Fault you?

LR: Yeah one time he tried to use me as an excuse for him not getting footage.  Like I was occupying the filmer’s time on trips or whatever which was total nonsense.  But that’s old shit now who cares?

DR: Like on RVCA trips?

LR: I mean you’ve never been there but Jimmy listens to me the LEAST!!!!  He could give a shit about what I think or where I want to skate.

DR: Ironic since YOU built RVCA’s equity on those trips.  Was Jimmy running a Jamie Thomas program on the road?  “Demos you piece shit!  Now street skate all night long assholes!  And guess what?  Tomorrow our demo is 8 hours away and we do it all over again whippeeeeee!”  Life of a pro skateboarder.

LR: Yeah for us it’s not all that glamorous on the road.

DR: So what are your top three things of Des Moines?  You’ve been through there like 9 times or something what’s your problem?

LR: Kevin, Kristy, and their house.

DR: Yeah last time we came out YOU came out earlier than we did AND you didn’t come pick us up at the airport to go rage because you were??????

LR: At the house!  I’ve got cookies for days and a million movies!!!!  I finally get to experience how rich white people grew up and I love it!!!!  (lots of laughter)

DR: So I think we’ve announced it but I’m not sure….but are you coming back to Des Moines soon?

LR: Hell Yeah I am!  I’m coming back for the Emerica premiere of course, wait do kids know about that yet?

DR: Maybe but hearing it from you will be more exciting.

LR: Well Chris and I will be coming to burn the place to the ground finally and have a kick ass time with kick ass people!  I’m really psyched to go back and eat some cookies, cuddle with butthole eyes, and watch some movies too!

DR: Well as you know open arms and red carpet await you my friend, since you are Subsect’s #1 team rider.

LR: Am i?


Remember, the premier is on Saturday September 7th at 8pm at the historical building.