What Scotty’s Watching

This was one of the first videos I watched when I first started skating. Always skipping to Geoff’s part. As you can see within the first two clips of his part, he gives no fucks. Just dying on two gnarley spots, but then getting up and wanting more. “That felt fuckin tasty I’d like to do it agin, you ready?” . Thats just raw skateboarding at its finest. Then immediatly starting his part with business. Who takes 90 degree turns into 15 stair rails? who would even look at that spot and want to skate it? Geoff. And then it continues with five minutes of straight charging! He is about the only person who can do a 50-50 to lipslide on a handrail and make it look rad. The song fits perfectly with Geoff rowleys raging. He is legendary!!