What Kev’s Watching: Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen – This was my first time hearing of this guy and it’s on a 411 video.  Do kids even know what 411 was?  Anyways, it’s pretty clear that I like blue collar looking dudes.  Look back at all my old “What Kevs Watching” and it shows.  Not only does he have my look, but he looks like a bigger dude.  Not fat, but bigger.  I too am a bigger guy and I like to back my fellow bigger guys.  I think I read some stuff back then that dudes called him the boulder or pork chop,  I like it.  I also found it a little odd that he rode for Anti Hero.  I never really thought of them having this kind of a rider on there team, but it works and I like it and it was a start at them adding a few more street rippers to the team.  I think it opens younger kid’s eyes to Anti Hero, and it showed that it wasn’t just that older guy company.  This guy kills it and has a rad backside big spin.  This part is older so after you watch it start looking up all his parts.