What happened this week

Well another summer week came and went. Kids are getting ready for back to school and some already started. You can see the joy on parents faces as they have been in back to school shopping. So here is a quick run down of the things we thought you should be aware of that we should of used as a update to the site, but didn’t have time or we had time and went skating.

1-Marius went pro along with the coming back of Habitat and here is a fun little video to watch as we wait for his pro board to hit the shops wall.

2- The crailtap posted Cory Kennedy’s Fourstar Crocodile Done Deal tour edit up on their site. Shows good skating and good times

3- Jenkem put up a rad interview with one of the Midwest finest Davis Torgerson. Well worth the read.

4- Jake Donnelly dropped a online part on Thrasher that is super sick and full of big ass ollies over stuff. He also had a color way of the Seeley from Adidas drop. Which you can find in the shop now. Watch the video HERE

5- Supra posted up their footage of the Midwest tour. Worth the watch to at least see them skate Urbandale park. HERE

Well that is just a quick run through of stuff, but for all the good that happened there always has to be some bad. On Friday we all got the word that O.G Jay Adams had passed away. Always a bummer to lose one of our brother skateboarders. Then on Saturday we got word that one of our good homies and bringer of good vibes to the Iowa skate scene had a fall in a backyard pool that landed him in the hospital where they had to induce a coma. So please send out some positive vibes to the one and only Georgie Tsushima @gtsushim