People We’re Into – Kynan Tait

It’ takes a while to figure out if you like Ky.  Not because he’s a dick, but because he’s really quiet.

We used to do these rides called “The Wild Ride” with Emerica where we’d set out on bikes and do a tour with the end destination being the Wild In The Streets “go skate day” thing.  We’d invite anyone who wanted to go, but almost nobody showed up randomly for longer than a day or two.  But one night we’re somewhere in one of the carolinas and these two dudes show up.  They really didn’t say much, but they mentioned they’d rode from BC Canada, so they had our attention.  I actually don’t remember them saying anything for the next several days now that I think of it, but by the time we got to New York, everybody was down for them.   The other guy was Harvey Foster, another prime human being, and we’ve kept in touch with them ever since.


So about Ky.  He’s way beyond his years.  He has the patience to not be running his mouth all the time, some thing I know nothing about.  He’s got old man wisdom.  He rides the piss out of his motorcycle and doesn’t know how to fix shit, and he doesn’t care.  He loves photography and film making.  Below is what Ky said about himself when I asked him to send me photos and a few words.


“i take pictures because i can’t remember.

because i keep an almost daily record, it forces me to do things worth photographing and in turn, worth remembering. i figure it’s a winning approach but i castigate myself for not being more exciting  because the record will show my laziness and passivity.


i’ve never been very good at expressing myself artistically so, for me, photography is more utility than anything.  regardless, i hope the pictures are imbued with something uniquely mine.”




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