Let Us Roam ” Greg Hunt ”

Another Let us roam from Lecia cameras is up and this time it is with Greg Hunt. We are big fans of Greg here at the shop from his skate videos and his photos. If you have ever went to the bath room at the shop then you have had Jason Dill stare at you. That is one of Greg’s photos on the wall. Don’t worry he gave us the o.k to use it. About a year or so ago the Vans team was here and as much as we get pumped up to meet our favorite pro skateboarders I must say I was equally excited to meet Greg. I was a big fan even before the photos and videos. I’m talking when he skated for Stereo. If you must go back to one of my older What’s Kev Watching because I used one of his parts. Well so far all of the Let us roam series have been good so give this one a watch and next week is Atiba’s

LET US ROAM – Greg Hunt from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.