Grant Yansua: Cosmic Vomit 2

When I get a text from Drew to read some thing, I read it. No ifs ands or buts, especially if it’s written by Bob.

“Style. It’s what makes every trick look good. Some people have it, some people try to have it, and some people just plain get an A for effort. Enter “the board slide”. I’m talking a street boardslide mind you. Different generations had people that owned this trick and made you wanna do it with their exact style. But no matter how hard you tried it just couldn’t be mimicked. The eighties had Steve Caballero. The early nineties had Mark Gonzalez. The mid to late nineties nobody wanted the title so Dan Rogers stepped up and took it. Geoff Rowley held down the early and mid 2000’s. Now a new generation has taken over. Who’s next to hold the throne amongst these greats? That somebody comes in the form of a handsome, witty, funny and ticklish Floridian by the name of Grant Yansura. The brains behind Weekendtage and the Cosmic Vomit videos. Grant’s so modest he put his part in the bonus section of his own video. (Cosmic Vomit 2). I think that was a bad move because his part in my humble opinion was the best in the video. (Sorry Johan) So give it up for Grant everyone! He worked hard on this video and is part of a the dying breed in skateboarding which I like to refer to as fun!” -Bob Altamirano


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