Cuatro Suenos Pequenos – Trailer NO.1

The title of Chris Nieratko’s article at Vice is called “THOMAS CAMPBELL MADE A SKATE VIDEO THAT’S ACTUALLY WORTH WATCHING”. While that’s a pretty wild exaggeration, it caught my eye and I read the interview he did with Thomas about his 16mm art film and I liked it. You can read it here and watch the trailer below.  I’m always a little skeptical of the movies who try and go a little too arty, but there’s something about this one that just makes you want to go out and cruise with your friends. And there’s boobs in it soooooo…


Cuatro Suenos Pequenos – Trailer NO.1 – starring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse from UM YEAH ARTS on Vimeo.