Creature “CSFU”

1st off, if you don’t have this video yet, you’re blowing it. It comes free with the Thrasher mag. So for 4.99$ you get a copy of skateboarding’s bible and a video.

So here are some of my fav highlights:
Taylor Bingaman opens it up with some all terrain ripping. That young buck can skate some bowls. Sean Conover is a hidden little gem. Stu Graham kills it. I like big boy skaters, it feels like I am in a special club and he takes a hipper that is unreal. Ryan Reyes brings something a little different to the green squad that I like a lot. There is a super cool Pink Motel pool part that is awesome. Al Partanen is super fun to watch along side of the Darren Naverrette who has a nice little backyard vert ramp section in his part that gets me stoked. David Gravette does what he does and grinds gnarly rails and takes gnarly slams. Video is good, so support in some way.


The video below is only 480p, so do the right thing and grab that Thrasher so you can watch it full resolution doofus.