A Few Words About the Zero Demo

I have a love/hate thing going for demos.  I start to stress out a week before the date of the event.  I get worried that no one will show or have a good time if they do.  I worry that the team that is coming will be bummed on it.  There’s a lot of work involved in getting ready.  Making sure the rink is ready.  Making sure the shop is ready and full of stuff from that team.  Making sure we have on hand anything that the team my want [which means cookies.My wife has done a good job of making it known to the pros that we are the sweet spot].  Well it didn’t take long for my worries to be wiped away.  Everyone started showing up and getting stoked.  The Zero/Mystery guys showed up and went to work signing stuff and talking with the everyone and I knew the pros were stoked to be here the second the signing was over and they started asking for shop shirts.  The skating went off.  The Zero/Mystery guys were not a let down at all.
Thanks to Kellen Hesseltine for putting this rad edit together.He had his work cut out for him because there was ripping going on all over the places.
Thanks to the Zero/Mystery guys.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  Thanks to Mark at Skate South for letting us do it there.  Thanks to the guys who worked late getting ramps ready.