Zero Cold War Video

Zero’s Cold War video is out. You can buy it online or maybe you’ve been watching a new part each day on, or you could wait until the shop gets it’s copies of the DVD, or do all 3.  I am doing all 3. First thing I would like to say, as much as I support Zero posting the video online so kids can watch it, is that I don’t want to watch it for the 1st time a part a day, that sucks. I want to watch it all at once and take in the feel of the video. It would also be nice if Zero would give shops a chance to sell the video first,but whatever. So I bought the video on iTunes and gave it a good ole watching. It’s what you’d expect from Zero, heavy ripping from some heavy dudes. I can’t tell you who has my favorite part yet, but I will say everyone came through. It was good to see footage from Brockman and Sandoval, it seems like it’s been some time since we’ve seen some stuff from those guys. I was even stoked to see a good part from Jamie, after that Berrics part I was a little worried. He even gets some rad guys to have cameos in his part. Cole had some good stuff and brings in a young gun to remind kids that if you’re trying to make it, you got a gnarly road to go down. It is always good to see footage from Rattray too. I don’t know yet how I feel about the hyper link edit thing, but still a good part. I am a fan of Tom Karangelov, you should watch this part here and remember he killed it when he was here in August.  I thought his part in Cold War was super good and as of right now, it might be my favorite part.  I still need to watch it about 20 times to know for sure.  Dane Burman let’s you know why they turned him pro and the footage of his Thrasher cover is some heavy shit.

So what I am telling you is to buy the video.  Get it from itunes or wait for the DVD.


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