Your Popsicle shape is boring.

Who’s to say a skateboard is suppose to be a certain shop? Why does it have to be the classic popsicle shape that over the last 15 years plus we have become custom too? Well we wanted to do something to help you start thinking out side the box. We have listen and watched you look at and talk about getting a Welcome or another shape board, but then you usually go right back to what you are use to. Sometimes you look at them and talk about building yourself a cruiser board. Well it’s time to stop talking and get busy doing and we have decided to help you out. So for a limited time we are offering a nice little discount on all Welcome boards. So instead of the normal 55$ with grip we will be offering them at 40$ with grip. This is your chance to give it a shot. Hell if you hate then just turn it into your new cruiser.

Welcome shape guide