What Kev’s Watching

I think anyone who knows Kevin knows he’s a real skate nerd.  His house is like the national archive of skate history.  If a video comes out, even a little free promo and you don’t get him a copy, he gets real shitty with you, and I like that about him.  From now on look out for old and new clips where Kevin breaks it down why he thinks they stand the test of time.


First up…Paul Rogriguez, In Bloom

 “I remember watching this part and being thankful that I was an older guy.  It would have bummed me out to be a young kid trying to come up and then seeing that.  Sure some of the lines are a little slow, but you can tell he is only gonna get better.  You don’t watch this part and like it because he is a young kid and you want to give him young kid props, he kills it.  I think Atiba said it best right after the switch heel at the end, “WOW”.  And now look at him, he’s only gotten better.” -Kev