What Kevs watching: Ty Beall’s part from E.T

Well it would be a lie to say that I am just watching Ty’s part when I have been watching the whole video a lot lately. I just thought I would use Ty’s part for this update. I do highly recommend that you should buy the whole video and you can do that HERE.
The video was made by Levi Douthit and for the most part it is based out of Richmond, VA. There has been a lot of rad videos and all around good stuff coming from this area for a long time now. I assume you have figured out that I like a certain style of person and tricks they choose to do. Once again I can relate, but not just relate to the style and tricks, but look at some of the spots. Just like here in Des Moines they to have good spots, but the ground is shit. Notice the ground at :57 where Ty does the board slide pop over at. The ground looks like shit and looks like spots around here. Anyways I like this part along with the whole video. It’s got style. Hell Ty does a board slide at 2:53 and notice who good he comes out of it, AMAZING style.