What Kev’s Watching – Ricky Oyola EE3

Ricky Oyola EE3 “Let me tell you this part opened a whole new chapter in my life. We all know that Des Moines doesn’t have the best spots and this video made you realize that you just had to go out and find them. That the whole city was the spot. All I wanted to do was push around downtown and cut through traffic and look down every alley for random gems to skate. Always on the hunt from pole jams. There was nothing better than parking downtown and just skating from one end to the other all day. I like the black and white footage. I love the Metallica song pick, but really like the no music at the end section, just the sounds of skating. I will always have the want to just park and go push because of this part. When the shop moved downtown the first thing I though about was being able to lock the door at the end of the day and go push.”