What Kev’s watching – DAYDREAM

Yes I know that I have been blowing it on updates and no I am not gonna promise that it will get better. I will promise that I will try. So to kick things off let’s do a little bit of what I have been watching.

This is Daydream a Source skateboard video. I hope by now you really have a understanding of what gets me stoked in a skateboard video and this has it. Rad tricks being done in rad spots. On top of that this is a rad list of guys skating.Kevin RODRIGUES, Sage ELSESSER, Vincent TOUZERY, Paul GRUND, Karl SALAH, Roman GONZALEZ, Greg CUADRADO, Hjalte HALBERG, Dane BRADY, Aaron HERRINGTON, Brian DELATORRE, Santiago SASSON, Luidgi GAYDU, David STENSTRÖM, Manuel SCHENCK, Alex RICHARD & Valentin JUTANT
So take 5 minutes and give it a watch and then go SKATE

"DAYDREAM" A •SOURCE SKATEBOARD VIDEO from Ben Chadourne on Vimeo.