What Kev’s watching.

So over the last year or so I’ve become a fan of Aaron Herrington. I think it started with my stoke on the Polar videos and of course the Static 4 video that came out this year. So in wanting more footage from him I started looking through YouTube and to my delight this young chap has plenty of stuff. He had parts in smaller videos that I even own and just didn’t realize. Just goes to show you that what you get stoked on seeing in skateboarding will always be changing and even for me at the old age of 37.
The one part that I keep going back to is this Boneyard video. I can honestly say I don’t remember hearing about this video at all, but it’s a good one. Good song and good vibe with this part. Let’s face it, I can’t watch the new Plan B video and relate to it skating wise, but I can watch parts like this and it will make me want to go push down the street for sure.