There has been some new videos that have came out that have kept me busy at the t.v. See when a new video comes out a like to watch it over and over so when some one ask me what I think I can give them my true thoughts on it.The Supreme video is a must buy and so is a Happy Medium 3.A hidden gem is Belly of the Beast out of Washington D.C.Well any ways those are the videos I have been watching,but for this segment of What Kevs watching we will be going to Rick Howard’s part in Fully Flared.For one he is one of my all time favs and for another I have been trying to learn board slide too feebles.I can give you a sloppy one,but I want to do them like Rick [watch at 2:40].As for everything else in the part,I like it all.I could tell you all my favorite little tricks,but at the end I like it all.If you don’t own Fully Flared I suggest you get yourself a copy.

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