What happened last week ?

Well it’s skateboarding in 2014 so there was a slew of things that happened on the old inter web. So let us highlight a few of them for you.

1- Well Matt Berger got recruited on the Berrics and I can say that it has been awhile since I have watched one of these and have been completely blown away. Hell he made me want to put on some Etnies shoes and grab a Flip board and go skate. It is a must watch.

2- Vans teamed up with the Bust Crew to start doing episodes on Off the Wall T.V and the first one went up last week and has some good skateboarding. Gilbert Crockett kills it.

3- A montage of Shane Cross footage got put up on the Thrasher site. It would have been his birthday last week and watching the footage makes you wonder what could have been.
Watch it here.