Welcome Skateboards

Welcoming Welcome!  Working in a skate shop I find my self looking for skate stuff on the internet a lot, and not just your normal stuff.  I like to dig deep and find some hidden gems.  Then I find myself getting really stoked on something and I want to support it so bad so I bring it in the shop just to sit and watch it not sell.  I jump the gun a lot, but feel like I have gotten better and holding off.  Well, Welcome skateboards has been one of those things, I watch their fun videos and get stoked.  I even ordered some stuff for myself with my own money.  I say that because normally I would just hit them up and order a few things for the shop and then ask for free stuff for myself.  I’m sure Dan,Jeff,and Heath are stoked to read that.

So anyways, I am happy to say how stoked I am on the people that have been coming in and asking us about Welcome skateboards.This week we should see our first order coming in.
Check their site and then come in and check them out.  Remember skateboarding is fun.

site: welcomeskateboards.com

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