Weekend catch up.

Well it is Monday and time to start a new. We just wrapped up the annual big back to school sale and it was good seeing all of you, but as we were all busy saving money a lot was going on.

1- Urbandale contest was on Saturday and we saw some serious ripping going down. The future of Des Moines skateboarding is looking good, but big shout out to J.D for showing up out of nowhere and winning.

2- Van Doren Invitational went down this weekend and Raven Tershy won. Check it out here

3- Tom K. filmed a rad little part at the House of Hammers and if you hadn’t already heard he now rides for 3D skateboards.

The Feel Free Zone Ep. 2 Featuring Tom Karangelov from Feel Free Skateboarding on Vimeo.

4- Eswic dropped their World’s Best Road Trip video on Thrasher. We love anything with Leo.

5- I am sure more things happened, but lets keep this post short and end it with, “Did you see Andrew Reynolds battle commander?” He is the BOSS.