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Well the last couple weeks have been a busy one as far as skate videos go. So let’s give these bad boys a good old once over.

1- Enjoi’s Oververt. Well worth the cheap buy.It’s a bummer there is no Jerry, but the new guys make up for some of that lost. Good parts from almost everyone. I was mad that Jose Rojo didn’t have a full part. The whole we are holding his footage hostage was lame. Old man Pat Duffy can film a full part, but Jose can’t?

2- Anti Hero’s Destination Unknown dropped on the web last Wednesday and you either watched it on the web or you came to the shop and enjoyed it on the big screen. I thought the video was awesome. TNT got me even more hyped on the Vans video because he left me wanting more. Jeff Grosso nailed it. Frank Grewer and Peter Hewitt had us laughing and wanting to skate. The future of the 18 looks to be good and any Grant Taylor footage is gold. I hope this video leaves you with the urge to load up some bros and hit the road. Watch the whole video HERE

3- The wait is over for the Plan B video true and I can’t honestly say it was worth the wait, bit it is crazy good. I guess you can get numb to how gnarly skateboarding has become. I grew up in a time when new Plan B videos came out it made you want to quit because they were so crazy good. Now you see so much good stuff that you are no longer surprised. I will say that kids should not be stoked on Chris Joslin because he just made getting sponsored that much harder. He does tech stuff big. Everyone had good parts and I am fully backing the soundtrack.
Now for my what the hell. No Danny Way part! I heard he pulled it which is bull. So here is my note to Danny. Dear Danny, I am a big fan and have been for a long time. I am very upset that you had no part in the Plan B video. I would have been happy with a few tricks. I think every one would have been much happier with the video. I do understand that you are getting older and have many things on your plate, bit you did build a mega ramp in your back yard. I don’t care about someone else already doing it, I want to see you do it.That is all and thank you.
So get on iTunes and buy the video or if you wait long enough all the parts will be on Thrasher. Just like Tpuds part that you can watch NOW

4- Most of you won’t see this video, but I think you should.


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