The Ws: Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson pretty much gets a free pass in our books.  I mean, the guy had what some people feel is the best video part at the age of 35 in a video full of amazing skaters.  He rips, he has amazing style, and he’s been pretty outspoken recently which makes for a good read or listen.  I’m not so sure about the whole end part where he goes on the fashion tangent though, a little long winded.  Saying that the mid 90’s with huge pants and tiny wheels was a real prime moment in skate history is a serious damn stretch.  Then he proceeds to say that skating went all Nautica and Ralph Lauren.  Maybe in the East Marc, but out in the West everyone dressed like Ed Templeton and Jamie Thomas.  Who didn’t wear khaki Dickies and black on black Etnies or Es with no socks back then?  Raise your hand.

We’re going to get some Back Forty stuff in the shop too, because we like gear that’s by skater for skaters. FUBU.