The Vans Video ” Propeller “

Well we hope you have already seen the trailer for the new and first full length video for Vans yesterday, but besides for the trailer being awesome I wanted you to know some more reasons why this should have you pumped up.

1- GREG HUNT! It’s a Greg Hunt video and not once has he let us down. You do remember the Alien Workshop video Mindfield right? You should because it was awesome and it still plays once a week all day long in the shop.

2- The long list of riders for Vans. Go to the Vans Video website and look through all the photos.

3- AVE! I don’t know how much the youth today actually read the interviews in the mags, but AVE had a really good one and sounds like he has been going full throttle for this video.

4- We are big supporters of videos. We respect the hard work it goes into for the riders and filmer. We are also big fans of skateboarding and love to show that off. So are goal is to have a nice big premier for this one. A video this great needs to be seen on a nice big screen. So be on the look out for details about that.