SUPREME “Cherry” – by Skatetalk Bob

WARNING: YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FEEL COOL AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO. I’m sorry fellow nerds, we lost. The cool kids got us. Move over Baker “Wastioids” we have a new “Bratpack”. They have officially claimed their spot on the quad and neither you or I can sit there. Supreme’s “Cherry” is your bully. It’s got the clothes, tricks, hot girls, latest trends and friends. You’re always going to remember how this video treated you and what it did to you the rest of your life. And just like any bully, Supreme makes it’s living off of taking money from total nerds. Nerds that need to define themselves by having the latest “cool” clothes. Dylan Reider has the best part in the video. People mention his clothing selection and looks before his skating which in most professional skateboarders career wouldnt be a bad thing, but when you happen to be one of the best on the planet it seems a bit insulting. But then again maybe he likes that. We do have that cool mutual friend Heath that is totally down with Supreme and would probably stick up for us when they are sticking our head in the toilet but other than that we can only watch from afar and imagine what it would be like to hang with models and do tricks over a picknic table. People are hating on the Poppalardo footage but it’s cool just to see him skate and he’s obviously not taking it serious at all so nor should you. It was also refreshing/awesome seeing Koston in a good video. It’s been awhile. Best video to come out in a long time.