Stone Bros Video Premier.

I have three lovely kids. One girl and two boys and guess what, none of them skate. I’m a little bummed, but they are growing up just fine and are doing great at their own things. Besides from being able to go out on skate missions with their dad I want them to make the friends that I have made being a skateboarder. That bond that gets made from doing battle together out in the streets. The friends that have your back weather you walk away from a trick as a win or a lost. Well I’m sure they will make those friends. Just as I am sure these guys have bonded together to make this video.
As much as I tease the Stone Bros and bust their balls I have nothing but love for all of them. They embody all that I have grown to love about skateboarding. I watched these guys push each other and want to see each other succeed. They have skated hard and put in the work and I am pretty sure they squeezed in some good times.
So I hope everyone comes out this Saturday to see the hard work.

Pre Party at Subsect at 7 p.m – 8 p.m
Then head over to the Historical building. Video starts around 8:30 p.m

P.S I love you Stone Bros just not a big fan of the name or the fact Zach wears his shirt so small.


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