What are you really doing when you’re bored, in line at the grocery store, or ignoring your girlfriend who’s trying to get you to watch The Bachelor? I’d probably say you’re trolling people on isntagram. If you’re anything like me, you probably do it more than you do anything else and neglect your real friends because it requires no maintenance,  no skill and the least amount of effort of any activity in the world. If you don’t feel like skating or in my case, don’t know how, you can just look up @artofoto , or see what cool geographical wonder @bamahardy’s dog is posing near, or at the very least see if @tempster_returns posted anymore #skateboardinggirl pictures  to drool over.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obsessed with instagram. It’s a valid source of learning and forum for exchanging information, yet it doubles as a way to spy on people, and use them for the butt of mean jokes at parties that they didn’t show up to. There are pros and cons to instagram taking over your every waking moment though, so don’t be too embarrassed that you’ve spent a whole paycheck on an iPhone just so you can join the fun.

PRO- You can spy on @epiclylatered and memorize stuff he’s into so you can pretend to have something in common with him on #March8th ( ladies, this works every time).

PRO- You can find out when and where all of @cuates and @Joshharmony’s shows will be, even though you can’t go to them.

PRO-  Getting to feel like you are actually friends with the king of skateboarding , @andrew333 .

PRO-@jeffvallee will like anything that has to do with the shop or if you’ve made a complete fool of yourself somewhere and/or if you break enough glass.

PRO -If you like enough of @skatetalklive’s pictures he’ll give you an obligatory like sometime and you can do a screen shot and use the blur tool to outline his name. Then you can repost that and brag about it.

PRO-It allows you to get to know, and develop a crush on @internetfamous ‘s Girlfriend, which I now I have.

CON-And after all this time @olsonstuff still won’t notice me…, but I guess I should give the guy a break, he was in the hospital.

CON-@fodderlander can access pictures to all of our young hot friends so he likes every photo they post so when he sees them #March8th he can maximize his chances of getting it in.

CON-Heath doesn’t have one.

SAD FACT-The way you found out Lewis Marnell died was probably on one or all of the skaters you follow’s instagram. #RIPman

-Amanda Rhoads

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