People We’re Into: John Mihovetz

I was flipping through the blog on Brixton’s site and low and behold, there’s our boy John. We met John about 5 years ago because he’s a friend of Leo Romero’s, but after you hang with John for about five minutes, he’s your friends too. We called him Dead John for a short while because on a motorcycle trip he went over the handlebars at highway speed with no helmet on into some grass and nothing happened to him…..nothing. He’s a badass dude and it turns out in his riper age he’s also pretty damn good at woodworking. From what I gather he’s been doing this stuff for ages, but he didn’t exactly make it known that he was Mr. Crafty/Handy. Anyway click over here for more on John (brixton site) and here for his etsy shop of his goods (etsy). He ships anywhere, so if you have some dough burning a hole in your pocket, check it out.

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