On My Stereo – DJ Eight Ten

Skints – Part & Parcel

Check out the brand new album by talented young East London band The Skints.  Part & Parcel combines elements of Roots Reggae, Rocksteady, Dub, Dancehall and British Ska to create a sound that shows true reverence for their influences while keeping things fresh and facing forward.  Incredibly infectious, catchy and danceable throughout.  “Soundboy” and “Rat a Tat” are recommended tracks as they have set fire to the dancefloor at recent parties. (Bomber Music)



Wet Hair – Spill Into Atmosphere

Brilliant noise-pop-psych from Iowa City.  This is their most recent, most accessible, and in my opinion, best offering.  Bright synth melodies, driving bass lines, steady (and at times danceable) drumming, and ethereal distorted vocals create warm and catchy songs with subtle hooks.  Although my reference points are limited when it comes to this sound, I would strongly recommend this to fans of Jesus & Mary Chain, Joy Division and New Order.   (De Stijl)