Old mags and new tees!

This Friday the 24th of June we will be hosting Look Back Library. A collection of magazines. Now I understand that in this time of ours the internet is where we get our info and it’s more about who posted what on social media, but skateboard mags had and in my opinion still do have a very large important role in skateboarding. I mean who doesn’t dream about being on the cover of Thrasher. Not to sound like the old guy, but I remember getting a new mag at the start of the month and by the time the next issue was out the old one was beat to shit or torn pages were taped to my bedroom walls. I even have a rad story of getting to see a Big Brother mag for the first time. You can ask me that story Friday night.
So come hangout and give it a look. This night is for everyone. We will have free beer and water. The beer is for 21 and older of course. 6pm-9pm

P.S We are all stocked up on shop tees