Modern Art Review- Drew Paul

Lets talk modern art. SPOILER ALERT!: if you haven’t watched it, do so before you read my pathetic effort at writing a review.

Where to start, oh yeah the artsy fartsy intro with spider legs and all.  I’m not trying to rip on the intro, but maybe I don’t understand what modern art is?  Well anyways, the first part goes to Clive Dixon, which I haven’t really heard of, but he comes out swinging. What got me stoked the most from watching this florida local’s section was one of his last tricks, Front Bigspin Lipslide on a Hand rail.  Has anyone done that ever?  Then cut to a rad shared section with S.D. legend JT Aultz, Sean Conover, and Moose.  I was hyped to see Matt B’s part too, effortless skating and style for days.  But what I really want to focus on is Clint Walker.  Do any of guys remember him coming with Hometown Heroes a couple years back?  The Iowonders homies and I got to take him to some spots around town, in which he destroyed without breaking a sweat.  Seriously though, whats not to like about his part?  Clint skates fast and throws down on hefty stairs and handrails.  This part is super gnarly and gets techy all in one.  It was really cool to see an O.G. Des Moines spot in a video too.  And just when you think his part is over, Clint delivers four ballsy bangers leaving everyone wanting more.  Finally this guy is getting the recognized !  All in all Modern Art is a must own video. Good job to Brian Young, you guys killed it.

–Drew Paul

As always with videos that come in the mags, come pick up a copy and watch it in HD, it comes free in Thrasher.

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