Mike Hill x Vans Syndicate Exhibition

I think it’s safe to say that Alien is all on it’s own in skating…in a good way. I mean, physically they are located away from the rest of the other board companies which gives them room to breathe, but in addition to that, they’ve always had a separate vision that set them apart. The artwork, the videos filled with film photography, the eclectic group of riders. An explanation from Hypebeast is below and a short video to learn a few things about Mike Hill, one of the men behind the brand.

“Though he co-founded Alien Workshop, Mike Hill isn’t the type to passively run a brand. Hill also acts as the driving creative force behind the brand, having conceived the aesthetic of the highly influential skateboard label. To celebrate Hill’s long-standing career, Vans and Uprise Skateshop in Chicago threw a retrospective exhibition for the artist. The exhibit took place at Peanut Gallery in Humboldt Park and featured figurines, skateboards, and other highlights from the artist’s body of work. Enjoy a recap of the appearances and highlighted work above, which coincided with the release of Hill’s collaborative kicks alongside Vans Syndicate.”