“Made” Afterparty Sept 07

Attention all shoppers. As you can probably tell by now, we are putting all of our weight into a big weekend starting september 7th. A huge sale, a premier of what is certain to be a great skate film at a real theater, and a little shindig to let loose. We are grown ass men who run this shop, so we need to get down every once in a while and let off some steam. So come one, come all, and bring a new friend and introduce them to the shit show that are our parties.

Here’s the details:
Sat & Sun – Big sale. Two for one on all Emerica shoes. Seriously, not kidding.
6:30-7:30 – Pre party at the shop with free beer provided by the generous Boulevard Brewery Co.
8pm sharp – Premier is at the historical building @ 600 East Locust
The rest of the night will be spent at the Beechwood Lounge attempting to time travel through the art of ripping.