Last week was a blur.

It’s almost 2015 and let’s face it, everything we want is on the web. The inter web gets filled with a ton of stuff each week and I like to take these Mondays to tell you what I liked. So here we go.

1- Thrasher get off their episodes of the ” Relapse of Luxury ” tour. This was a article in the magazine and then they used their footage to make these episodes. Do kids still read mags? If not what do they do when going number 2 ? Well here is the scrap footage. I would like for you young kids to notice how some of your favorite street guy looks to be having fun on the transition too. Just saying learn to skate it all. You can back and watch all the episodes on THRASHER.

2- The AYC went to Denver awhile back for another article for Thrasher and got some amazing footage. This team has some heavy hitters and like him or not Nyjah Houston can put down some hammers. WOW! check it here

3- William Strobeck put up a little video called ” Joyride ” I thought it was good. Lots of style coming from these young kids.