Kyle Jordan – Iowonders Trailer

Well, good things come to those that are patient enough to wait, and the wait isn’t over, but we at least get a peek. I think it’s no secret that Kyle Jordan is a part of the family and he’s been working hard on a video. Now, he comes home from school in just a couple weeks, so I suggest you start lining up your spots.

“Over the years I’ve seen a few full length street videos come out of Des Moines, and just Iowa in general… None of them getting the kind of attention they deserve. One of which being Carl Cumming’s video “Absolute” which was always what I looked up to growing up skating/filming in Des Moines…So with that being said i’m trying to make this video “iowonders” just like that. Getting all of the Subsect riders/local rippers and homies in Des Moines together to throw down for a part…i’m really hoping to get it outside of the midwest and show that there is actually good skating and good times and a good skate scene in Iowa. It may not be the best skating you’ll witness in your life, but it will definitely show that we’ve got some talent in this state.”


“ABOUT TIME! These guys rip,Kyle kicks ass and this video will be awesome.”

Photo of Kyle: Grant Puckett